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Welcome to the 2019 North York Moors Chamber Music Festival. 100 years after the Great War, we are focusing on music expressed from a profound source, music that ultimately triumphs over adversity and survives with a story to tell. It’s a festival of light and dark, beauty through pain.

Now ten years old, our festival celebrates great music through friendship, sharing, the landscape, history and architecture - taking audiences on a journey throughout the North York Moors National Park, stirring the musical spirit within us all.  Over 40 musicians, 2 weeks, 9 churches, around 40 chamber works all create a friendly and passionate environment within one of this country's most spectacular regions. Please feel free to join our mailing list and attend the events outside of the festival.

Everyone is welcome - music is for all!

All main photography provided by Paul Ingram

Grouse under moonlight

Grouse under moonlight

About the festival

A celebration of music and and community complements the extraordinary nature of our National Park upon which we delve into the repertoire within its great historical buildings.  As the festival continues to grow with each year we strive to retain its friendly and unpretentious, all-inclusive atmosphere and affordability.

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Sunset on a moorland village

Sunset on a moorland village


Our magnificent churches are dispersed throughout the National Park and along the Jurassic coastline

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