Set upon the majestic North York Moors National Park and along its magnificent Jurassic coastline, our festival contains many unique qualities which capacity audiences and loyal followers are testament to.

International musicians who express their talents in an atmosphere of friendship and celebration, perform in ten of the extraordinary historical churches this region has to offer, nestled within hamlets, dales, remote moorland and coastal villages.  Each venue contains its own ambience of mystery which the audiences- and the music- bring to life.  This chemistry creates a community.

Each year we take you the listener through a specific theme, exploring some thrilling repertoire within the context of the environment in which we are privileged enough to be part of.  This is when the moors are rampant with heather and the vast expanse of our National Park comes into its own.

At each concert we present a gallery of works by resident photographer Paul Ingram and artist Carol Tyler which we've commissioned over the years, presented as prints.  Also available are limited edition physical CDs of the recordings we've produced under Ayriel Classical which we hope to expand upon as we grow with the label. 

Affordability and inclusiveness are prominent aspects of our philosophy which is why you will experience a sense of camaraderie and informality, something our late friend and Patron Sir Peter Maxwell Davies was particularly drawn to.  Music is, whilst without compromise, for everyone. . .


 Some of our concerts take place along the Jurassic coastline

Some of our concerts take place along the Jurassic coastline

Among the most impressive of its kind in Britain
— The Telegraph